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We exist to engage the world through the eyes of older adults.

How We Help

20-75 second videos designed to maximize reach on social media focused on authentic story telling with minimal script.

A multi-purpose video created with a storyboard & intricate details in production & editing process.

Professionally Captured & Edited Photos - Events, Headshots, Development/Renovations, etc.

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Our Reach

Through Dash Media channels & our clients' channels, we are reaching the world through our content.

Since the beginning of 2022:

100,000,000+ people reached on Instagram

20,000,000+ people reached on TikTok

20,000,000+ people reached on Youtube

1,000,000+ people reached on Linkedin

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“The DASH Media team is creating a new voice in the social media space that is fighting back on the negative perceptions of aging. Partnering with them feels like far more than brand awareness, although it’s a huge plus. Together we are rewriting the narrative on what society seems to say about older adults. With DASH Media’s expertise in navigating the social media world, we are bringing new messages to light about growing old by showcasing vibrancy, legacy, wisdom, and joy… one story at a time. As a result, our pipeline for job candidates is fuller than ever as people want to join in on the life changing work happening within our walls.”

- Jill Janes |  VP of Sales & Marketing | Methodist Retirement Communities

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