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About Us

Dash Media exists to help brands tell stories of their people through video, photo & social media.
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Meet Our Team

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Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones is a former college football coach turned senior living advocate. Nathan was introduced to the world of senior living just out of college, and from the moment he first stepped foot into a senior living community, he was hooked. Since that day, Nathan's mission has been to change the negative perception surrounding aging & senior living through sharing authentic stories of older adults.


What began as a passion project birthed a company. Dash Media was born because of the successes & reach of an Instagram account Nathan created called @seniorlivingstories. Since Nathan went launched Dash Media in 2022, @seniorlivingstories has reached 50+ million people through sharing stories highlighting older adults.


In Nathan’s free time, he enjoys competing in just about any sport, cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs, traveling with his family, and doing his best to love people as Jesus loves us.

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Randy always loved storytelling. As a kid, Randy would ride his bike down to his buddies house and play Lord of the Rings with sticks they found in his backyard. Immediately afterwards, he would ride back home and fill his mind with any story he could get his hands on. He loved movies, books, and video games because of where the stories would take him. It was always like going to a new world.


Now, as an adult, Randy has over a decade of telling stories through videography just like he dreamed as a kid. He views every day as a new page to his story. Over the past 5 years, he has traveled to over 20 countries, married the love of his life, and shared the love of Christ, the greatest love story in the history of the world.

During his time as a videographer, he has learned that most people are just like him... they also love a captivating story and are also writing their own story. This is where he has found his passion & purpose... telling others stories!  He prides himself on connecting with people and capturing some of the most awe-inspiring stories you could ever hear. Stories of real people and their passions, which is far better than any movie! 

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Shawna is a born-and-raised Clevelander, with a BA in Video Production from Ohio University, and an MBA from Cleveland State.  After a series of serendipitous events, Shawna and Nate ended up on a  Zoom call that completely changed the trajectory of her career. 


After 15 years in the steel industry, Shawna jumped at the opportunity to get back to her roots in video production at Dash Media.  The greatest loves of her life are her family and traveling.  If you receive an out-of-office reply from Shawna, she's most likely galavanting around the globe with her husband, Andrew.  Her wanderlust has taken her everywhere from Africa to Zermatt, and she has captured the good, the bad, and the ugly (Oh, she has STORIES) with video and social media along the way.  She's always looking to expand her bucket list, so let her know where she should go next!

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Shelby has always loved Seniors and has worked in the Senior Living industry for most of her career. Her true passion when working in Sales at Retirement Communities was being able to hear the stories of residents or customers looking for their next home. She believes in the power of connection, feeling heard and important, and learning from one another, especially those that have a lifetime of wisdom and experience to share. Shelby’s second passion has always been to create videos and capture moments you can cherish for years to come. This passion led to viral videos on TikTok and Instagram of her and her Grandma. She considers her Grandma (known as “Nanny”) to be her best friend.


After Dash Media had seen one of her videos and shared it on @seniorlivingstories, Shelby was lucky enough to connect with the Dash team and the rest is history. When working with Shelby, feel free to pinch her since she still feels as if she is living the dream of being able to combine her two passions in life into a daytime job. When not creating videos with her Grandma, or having fun… I mean working* for Dash Media, you can find Shelby traveling, spending time with her family, exploring her new home in Baltimore, MD with her fiancée, or promoting her children’s book, Grandma’s in the Phone!

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